Roland Spaarwater Ltda is an importer firm with vast experience in the two wheels business, recognised as one of the oldest representatives for the prestigious motorcycle brand KTM worldwide, with exclusiveness for the Chilean market.

Besides the abovementioned, the company is the representative for Husqvarna and GAS GAS motorcycles, from what brings to the market the best quality of motorcycles manufactured for the offroad segment, and now also on its way conquest a bigger portion of the market share on the street segment.

The company is also well known in the local bicycle market with the British-made Whyte bicycles, the Austrian KTM Bikes, and the Spanian and prestigious Unno and Forestal Bikes.

The headquarter is located in Chillán (Ñuble Region), in a central area of Chile, complemented by other five branch stores along the central north and south, from La Serena to Temuco city, for motorcycles and bicycles sales.

As to the country’s remote areas from north to south, the company works with a vast network of dealerships that meet the same passion and hard work to offer customers a good service quality.

Our mission is to be at the top of our customer’s needs by offering the best solutions for a no end adventure, racing or working on the two-wheelers.